Legal Information Database On Armenian Legislation About Database
Legal information Database IRTEK is the most complete collection of laws and other legal acts of Republic of Armenia. It includes: - the Constitution of RA, - laws and codes of RA, - normative decrees and orders of the President of RA, - decisions of the Constitutional Court of RA, - decisions of the Government and the Prime Minister of RA, - the normative acts of Central Bank of RA, - precedent decisions of Cassation Court of RA, - international agreements, signed by RA, - orders and regulations of ministries and state agencies. IRTEK system is intended primarily for employees of the legislative, executive, judiciary bodies, as well as for professional staff of legal and financial services of organizations. All the amendments are being made in the legal acts of the Database. For all the acts the system provides information about the bodies that have adopted legal acts, the types of acts, the dates of adoption, assurances (signing, registration), entry into force and the loss of validity, a formal sources of publication.
The legal system database is constantly updated with newly adopted legal acts that allows constantly be informed of any changes in the legislation. Official sources for the laws and other legal acts included in the IRTEK Database are official bulletins of RA, as well as the hard copies of legal acts the company receives from the staffs of the President and the Government of RA according to the agreements on informational exchange.
Searching legal acts

Query functions of the Database allow quickly and accurately find the necessary legal acts and amendments and additions made in the legal acts. Legal acts can be found by their card info - number, kind of legal act, date of adoption, words in titles and texts and sources of official publication.

Legislation classifier

Armenian legislation classifier was developed by the authors of IRTEK. Main branches of legislation are given in the first level of the classifier. Every next level contains detailed classification of the corresponding branch of legislation. The legal acts of IRTEK database are classified by legislation classifier which allows easily find laws and other legal acts regulating the chosen branch of legislation.

Chronological versions of legal acts

Often made amendments and additions in laws and other legal acts make difficult to determine how the legal relationships were being regulated for the specific period in the past. Chronological versions of legal acts starting with the version the legal act was adopted up to the current version as well as the legal acts according to which amendments and additions were introduced in the chronological versions are also included in IRTEK database.

Dictionary of legal terms

A dictionary of legal terms with more than 10000 terms was created and included into the Database. The Dictionary includes definitions and explanations of terms given in laws and other legal acts.


Very often expressions like "...according to law" or "...according to rules set by the Government" take place in the texts of legal acts To find the law or the rules mentioned is difficult and sometimes it is impossible. Cross reference system designed for the legal acts of the IRTEK database makes easy to find the necessary law or other legal act, as well as the chapter and the article in it. For each law or other legal act cross reference system allows to find also: - legal acts according to which amendments and additions were introduced in the current act, - legal acts adopted according to the directives of the current act, - directives in other legal acts according to which the current act was adopted, - articles in other legal acts referring to the current act.